Now that you have completed Part One of the Application process and gathered and prepared all of the necessary files, you are ready to upload your documents to complete the application process. Here you will also provide information on your organization that will help us process your application. Be sure to follow the steps below in sequential order to ensure that your application is correctly received by the Anna M. Heilmaier Charitable Foundation. You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been successfully received. Each attachment must be no larger than 2mb.

Step 1 of 4 – Application

Please attach the completed and signed Anna M. Heilmaier Charitable Foundation Application in PDF format.

Step 2 of 4 – Required Supplementary Files

Please submit the following supplementary files in PDF format only.

Step 3 of 4 – Optional Supplementary Item

Please submit the following supplementary file to accompany your application.

Step 4 of 4 – Information on your Organization

Please complete the following fields to help us process your application.

Purpose (should be the same as the purpose stated in your application)

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